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 Linguistics for Starters. Resources for instructors and absolute beginners: description,   
     textbook and workbook free download
 Academic discussions and publications. and  ResearchGate
 Child language acquisition. Ask-a-Linguist FAQ.pdf
 Bibliographies. Portuguese child language and Singapore child language, CHILDES


 Blog. Being Multilingual in the home, in school, and in clinic 
 Database on child trilingualism. MCF corpus and digital sound files, CHILDES
 Myths, misconceptions and paradoxes about multilingualism
 Book. Multilinguals are ...?, free download
 Podcast. Addressing common misconceptions about multilinguals
 Multilinguals and multilingualism, published in Multilingual Living Magazine
MLM-MovingCountry MovingLanguages.pdf
MLM-Raising Multilinguals-Why Fuss?.pdf
MLM-Is Three a Crowd? MCF Interview.pdf
MLM-ChildMultilingualism and Speech-languageTherapy.pdf
MLM-Bilingualism Quiz.pdf
MLM-Speech-Language Development.pdf
MLM-When do Multilingual Children Start Speaking?.pdf
MLM-How children acquire language.pdf
MLM-Multilingual Lives-MCF Interview.pdf

 Multilinguals as Funny-linguals, published in Multilingual Living Magazine
MLM-FunnyLing 01. Mixer.pdf
MLM-FunnyLing 02. Semilingual.pdf
MLM-FunnyLing 03. Dominant.pdf
MLM-FunnyLing 04. Ln Speaker.pdf
MLM-FunnyLing 05. Balanced.pdf
MLM-FunnyLing 06. Native.pdf

Your questions answered...

 On language, languages and linguistics: Ask-a-Linguist (Panel Respondent:  
    Madalena Cruz-Ferreira), Linguist List
 On multilingualism: ‘Ask Madalena’, Multilingual Living
 More Q&A on multilingualism, originally published in Multilingual Living Magazine 
 MLM-TeachingReadingQ 2007.pdf
 MLM-HomeLanguage SupportQ 2007.pdf
 MLM-SpeakingL2 AtHomeQ 2007.pdf
 MLM-DiverseQs 2007.pdf
 MLM-LanguageMismatchesQ 2007.pdf
 MLM-DiverseQs 2008.pdf
 MLM-Qs From Ask-a-Linguist 2008.pdf
 MLM-SpeakingL2 AtHomeQ 2008.pdf
 MLM-DiverseQs 2009.pdf

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