Introductory Linguistics


With Sunita Anne Abraham

  Textbook (2011).

  The Language of Language.

  A Linguistics Course for Starters

    (3rd edition)

Workbook (2012).

Lang101 Workbook.

Linguistics Exercises & Activities

for Starters


Book - Full Text (8.7 MB)
Language of Language3-FullText.pdf

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Being Multilingual
Amazon Books_files/Language%20of%20Language3-FullText.pdf
Book - Full Text (8.8 MB)
Lang101 Workbook-FullText.pdf

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Multilinguals are ...? (2010)

Book - Full Text (5.7 MB):

Multilinguals are-FullText.pdf

Book reviews at Being Multilingual

Multilingual Norms (2010)

Book - ToC, Intro:

Multilingual Norms-Info.pdf

Book review at JLLT



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