Recent academic pieces

(under review). Entries in M. J. Ball & J. S. Damico (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publishing.

  1.   Causation

  2.   Referral Issues

  3.   Second Language Acquisition

(2017). As member of the International Expert Panel on Multilingual Children’s Speech (IEPMCS): McLeod, S., Verdon, S., & IEPMCS. Tutorial: Speech assessment for multilingual children who do not speak the same language(s) as the SLP. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (Open Access).

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2012. As member of the IEPMCS, Multilingual children with speech sound disorders: Position paper. Bathurst, NSW, Australia: Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education (RIPPLE), Charles Sturt University.

        Download MultilingualSSDPositionPaper 2012.pdf

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Recent general pieces

2015. Our languages abroad. Mum Abroad.

2011. Preocupações multilíngues – ou talvez não. Filhos bilíngues.

2010. Myths and paradoxes about multilingualism. Multilingual Mania.

2010. Multilingualism and disorders. Multilingual Living.

2010. Speaking of multilinguals... The Bilingual Family Newsletter, 27(3), 4-5.

2009. Ett barn, flera språk: Flerspråkighet och språkutveckling hos barn. SWEA Singapore, 2009(1), 46-48. SWEA 2009.pdf

2008. Adolescentes, Telemóveis e a Língua Portuguesa.

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